Catering Company in East bay, CA

The cuisine you select to serve at your wedding will be cherished for years to come, regardless of the scale of your celebration. Whether it’s a lavish affair for hundreds of guests, a small, intimate dinner party, a romantic wedding, a corporate gala, a custom-built workplace luncheon, or a highly traditional Indian wedding, every detail matters. With the help of Belis Taste of Home, a catering company in East Bay, CA, you can design a culinary experience that is uniquely yours and a joyous tribute to your heritage.

Our Expert Crew

Expert chefs from India make up our crew, and we are all focused on serving traditional regional Indian cuisine. Menus can be adjusted to suit a broad range of dietary restrictions and budgets. Whether it’s a wedding, banquet, corporate event, holiday party, or professional convention, our services can fit any sort of event.

Serving You Food In Style

Known for our effortless event planning, we are a full-service catering company in East Bay, CA, with years of experience serving our clients. Every aspect is meticulously planned to ensure that clients may unwind, delight, and splurge, whether it’s a reception, buffet, or seated dinner. We at Belis Taste of Home are dedicated to becoming the premier full-service catering company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to wow our clients with our consistently high-quality food, outstanding service, innovative designs, and meticulous attention to detail.

Events and Catering Celebrations

When it comes to food, we are staunch supporters of sustainable and organic methods. At Belis Taste of Home, we promise to use only the highest-quality, freshly prepared ingredients. Our seasoned chefs will get to work coordinating every aspect of your unique cuisine after you’ve made your selection. Depending on the season, it could include making traditional regional dishes from around India or shopping for locally grown vegetables. The end product is an unforgettable culinary adventure that will stimulate every sensation in your body and mind.

What Makes Us Special?

Belis Taste of Home’s superb menu for both Jains and Non Jains and our culinary technique and devotion to the finest local ingredients will undoubtedly be enjoyed by your guests, whether they order their favourite restaurant meals or a custom-prepared menu.

If you want your event to go off without a hitch, our catering planners in East Bay, CA, will be right there to help. We are pleased to assist you in locating the ideal venue for your event, as we are associated with numerous top-tier establishments in the Bay Area.