How to Order

  • Full Service Catering, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of trays to be ordered. We’ll take care of quantity you need based on headcount
  • Choose number of people, date & event location; Select all items you like to have in your menu. Aloha! you will be able to see the total price for your menu in checkout. Its that simple.
  • If you would like to add full service catering along with some tray options you can do so too. Just select the food items which you want to add tray options for. For tray options please see recommendation from our All about Catering by Tray guide.
  • Quantity for Per Person option includes items based on multiple items on dishes; quantity will be enough to serve for specified number of count only.
  • Child consideration for counting the guest attendance :
    Above age 12 is considered as 1 adult count
    Below age 12 is considered as 0.5 adult count
  • Ordering Appetizers with full service catering gets delivered/served with other items ordered. If you need Appetizers to be served earlier in your event, create different orders for whichever items you want earlier


  • If your party has people with Jain, Vegan, No onion/garlic food considerations, please order suitable special request from Services tab along with your all other items selected.
  • Only options among your menu which are Vegan/Jain friendly will be included in delivery/pickup. For no onion/garlic we can accommodate all items from the items listed.
  • Add in your total party size Headcount and just mention number of people from that headcount who are having any consideration of Jain/Vegan/No-onion-garlic in comment section at the checkout
  • Minimum Order Value Of $350 Required for Delivery + Sales Tax.
  • Please read our Terms of Services before placing an order
  • Contact Us if any questions
  • With Catering by Tray, you can order number of trays for the food item you want.
  • Our recommendation says:
    • Quarter Tray good enough for 10 people
    • Half Tray good enough for 20 people
    • Full Tray good enough for 45 people
  • This recommendation is based on multiple dishes on menu; we do not guarantee the number of people which can eat from respective tray sizes.
  • Minimum Order Value Of $350 Required for Delivery + Sales Tax. Please read our Terms of services before placing an order.
  •  Contact Us if any questions
  • Introducing our menu with Taste of Home!!
  • Every Sunday menu updates with the new and exciting snack options & famous gujarati delicacy with various flavors ,Thepla.
  • Order before Monday 5pm.
  • Pickup freshly made snacks & Thepla on Tuesday after 5pm.
  • We proudly say everything from our kitchen is made fresh and on same day, using utmost food safety considerations.
  • Coming Soon: Freshly made Meal Service to Fremont/Milpitas/Newark! Store & Save food containers made with utmost food safety & re-serve only portion you eat!
  • Contact Us if any questions