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  • Mango Pannacotta

    Delicious fruity twist on classic Italian creamy dessert. Comes 1 pc/person
  • Rose Tiramisu

    Classic Tiramisu with delicate rose flavor. Comes 1 pc/person
  • Rasmalai Trifle

    Layers of eggless cake, flavored whipped cream & rasmalai on top. Comes 1 pc/person
  • Rabri GulabJamun Shots

    Gulab jamun soaked in rabri. Comes 1 pc/ person
  • GulabJamun Cheesecake

    Cheesecake topped with gulab jamun. Comes 1 pc/person
  • Gajar Halwa Shots

    Shot-sized servings of carrot halwa. Comes 1 pc/person
  • Motichoor Trifle

    Layers of crumbled motichoor & saffron whipped cream. Comes 1 pc/person

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