Terms of Services

Standard Food & Beverage contract agreement Between Beli's Taste of Home and Customer

To provide and serve agreed upon menu(s) at Customer’s event

  1. Beli’s Taste of Home may charge you more for Delivery In Park/Venue may depends upon venue location ( Multiple Floors, Elevators, Stairs in way, Beach, Remote Tents). Please include in comments at checkout what are the requirements of delivery. 
  2. Fixed chafer setup fees on our website is considered with the fact that delivery address specified by customer is easily accessible with delivery vehicle (less than 100 footsteps/20 stairs). If location is more than the accessible range, customer has to specify before order is delivered/setup and Beli’s Taste of Home will be able to accommodate the request with additional $100 charge. If customer has not specified the exact location of setup/delivery and if its out of accessible range at the time of delivery, customer is liable to pay additional $200 for the same.
  3. Minimum Order Value Of $350 Required for Delivery + Sales Tax, please mention date/time when you are picking up
  4. Beli’s Taste of Home will apply any Charges of Insurance paperwork based on venue requirements. This will be specified on invoice apart from the menu customer orders through website (new.belistasteofhome.com)
  5. It is responsibility of customer to check with location/venue for Propane based grill & any kind of setup on Venue. Cost of permit for the venue would be extra and would be specified in invoice.
  6. Booking for a catering is not considered confirmed until a deposit (30%) is paid by the customer to Beli’s Taste of Home. Any check/money order/cashier check is payable to “PATEL FOODS & SERVICES LLC”.
  7. If service time / duration is extended with Customer consent, on the event service date, additional charges will apply. Additional charges will be prorated based on per hour with rates chargeable in half hour increments.
  8. Customer is liable to give actual attendance of guests at catering/event before 1 week of the event date. Beli’s Taste of Home will consider the original booking in case of customer doesn’t specify any change before 1 week of the event.
  9. For attendance numbers greated than original booking, Beli’s Taste of Home will have 10% margin to serve on the event day. Customer agrees to pay the greater of actual attendance or final guaranteed attendance.
  10. All Deposit are fully refundable before 2 weeks of the event date. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, event date/time can be changed with advance notice of no later than 1 week.
  11. Customer agress to pay any additional charges occured for the change in date/time for the event.
  12. Deposit is non-refundable within 2 weeks of event in case of cancellation from customer.
  1. Online orders placed for catering have to be at least before 1 week of event/delivery/pickup date.
  2. Estimated number of people are based on multiple dishes on menu and with general appetite of a person.
  3. Quantity for Per Person option includes items based on multiple items on dishes; quantity will be enough to serve for specified number of count only.
  4. Child consideration for counting the guest attendance :
    1. Above age 12 is considered as 1 adult count
    2. Below age 12 is considered as 0.5 adult count
  5. Ordering Appetizers with full service catering comes with lunch or dinner option when it comes to delivery. If you need Appetizers to be served earlier in your event, create different orders for whichever items you want earlier.
  6. For Curbside Delivery customer is responsible for food trays & containers to be picked up at specified location of delivery.
  7. Only those items possible in Vegan or Jain or No onion/garlic would be possible to serve in your menu. Please contact Beli’s Taste of Home to know more about those options if you have any questions
  8. For ordering Tasting, Beli’s Taste of Home needs 2 weeks of advance notice. Please contact Beli’s Taste of Home to setup tasting date/time & menu. Charges applied for each item customer tries at the rate of 6$ per person per item
  9. We recommend to have Tasting for any kind of event catering so that we can customize the food based on the need of customer. We follow our authentic and fresh receipes for all food catered if customer has not ordered tasting.
  10. Beli’s Taste of Home will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction of service by mishandling of food by customer after delivery/pickup at/for the event/catering.
  11. Beli’s Taste of Home is not responsible for harm or any issues arising from food allergens, if customer has not made clear allergen requirements to them.
  12. If Picking up the catering order, it has to be on or before 6:30PM from our location at 324 Commercial St, San Jose, CA 95112.
  13. Food Freshness and temperature gets maintained as per the health department guidelines; for food to be not consumed within 2 hours Beli’s Taste of Home do not take any responsibility for the food condition until customer has chosen a chafer setup full service.
  14. For customers ordering Full service catering, Beli’s Taste of Home will give food quantity for specified number of people based on general appetite of customer’s party members; if customer wants to order for higher appetite, customer has to notify ahead of catering event for extra quantity to be added.