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Welcome to Beli’s Taste of Home – The best Indian vegetarian Catering Company in Union City, CA. The passionate culinary artist Beli Patel is at the centre of the delicious flavours selected by Beli’s Taste of Home. With a lifetime love of cooking and a strong sense of cultural belonging, Beli has transformed her kitchen into a visual feast of flavours and customs.

We take pride in offering a diverse and delectable selection of Gujarati, North Indian, street food, Punjabi and Italian cuisines, perfect for any special event.

Choose us as your catering company in Union City for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Beli’s Taste of Home is a preferred choice for business gatherings, family functions, corporate events, and weddings in Union City, CA. Our diverse menu appeals to everyone’s tastes, ensuring that your event is unique and memorable. We are committed to offering excellent services. It’s more than just serving food; it’s about creating memories. Our incredible live culinary services engage all your senses, from the enticing aroma to the explosion of flavours and visual delights, ensuring that each experience with us is unforgettable.

Our excitement for Indian vegetarian cuisine is evident in every dish, making us the first choice for anyone searching for an exceptional catering experience.

Interested in a tasting experience?

Reach out to us to check for tasting availability. Tastings are offered by request, and please note that a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is required to arrange a tasting session.

Are you ready to elevate your occasion with the best Catering Company in Union City, CA?

Get in touch with us, and we will help you personalise your menu. With a reputation as the best in Union City, we take pride in providing culinary quality and unparalleled service. Our dedication to quality ensures that your occasion is more than just an event; it is a celebration full of flavours, creativity, and personalised touches.

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