Live Chaat Catering in Fremont

Experience the vibrant world of Indian street food at Beli’s Taste of Home’s Live Chaat Catering in Fremont. From crunchy samosas to tangy pani puri, enjoy a flavor explosion directly at your event venue. We organize live chaat stations for office parties, weddings, large family gatherings and other events.

An array of multiple chaat options

We organize a variety of chaat alternatives, each bursting with distinct flavors and textures. With our Live Chaat Catering in Fremont, we offer a unique culinary experience that captures the spirit of Indian street food culture. Our chaat stations give a touch of excitement and flavor that will leave a memorable impact on any special occasion, be it a corporate event or anything else.

Our Chaat Menu

  1. Basket Chaat
  2. Samosa Chaat
  3. Aloo Tikki
  4. Ragda Pattice
  5. Dahi Vada
  6. Dahi Papdi
  7. Pani Puri
  8. Bhel Puri
  9. Khasta Kachori Chaat

Say Goodbye to Boring Food. Bring Excitement to your Parties!

Make Your Parties More Exciting! With live counters, we can personalize every dish to your specifications and add excitement to any event.

Why Choose Beli's Taste of Home

Our commitment to authenticity ensures that you get the actual taste of Indian street food right here in Fremont. Our ingredients are constantly fresh, so every bite is full of flavor. With a broad menu that includes staples such as bhel puri and dahi puri, there’s something for everyone. Our expert team assures seamless execution, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event while we handle the rest

Ready to Elevate Your Event with Live Chaat Catering in Fremont?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to treat your guests to an authentic Indian street food experience that they’ll never forget. Contact us today to book our Live Chaat Catering service and let us bring the flavors of Indian street food to your next event!

Book a Food Tasting Session

You can also book a food-tasting session before you finalize with us. Inform us two weeks prior. Connect with us now to check the availability. Simply call us at +1 (914) 482-7674 or send us an email:

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