Elevate your event with the tantalizing tastes of kathiyawadi cuisine

Live Kathiyawadi Catering In Bay Area

Want to impress your guests with the vibrant flavors of Kathiyawa? Choose our Live Kathiyawadi Catering in the Bay Area! We invite you to experience the deliciously aromatic delights of Kathiyawadi cuisine. Our Bay Area’s catering service is highly tailored as we must make sure that your guests have no room for dissatisfaction.

The Spicy Flavors of Kathiyawad

Get set for culinary excitement like no other as we bring the heart of Kathiyawadi cuisine right to your event. Our Live Kathiyawadi Catering in Bay Area offers a culinary experience that’ll keep taste buds tingling and your guests talking. We promise the genuine flavours and fragrances of Kathiyawadi cuisine, ensuring a feast that’s an absolute treat even for the food critics.

Why Choose Beli's Taste of Home?

  • Tailored Catering: We know that every event is unique. Whether it’s picking the perfect menu or nailing the presentation, we’ll work with you at every stage to ensure everything turns out the way it is supposed to.


  • Professional Service: We are a talented bunch — dedicated to delivering top-notch service with a caring touch. With Beli’s Taste of Home, you can kick back and enjoy your hosted event while we handle all the logistics and add a personal flair to every detail.


  • Memorable Culinary Delights: With our live Kathiyawadi catering, give your guests a taste of something they won’t forget. From lip-smacking snacks to flavorful curries, our menu boasts an array of authentic Kathiyawadi dishes, as this is our expertise.

Book Your Live Catering Station Today

Ready to turn up the heat at your event with the bold flavors of Kathiyawad? Call us at +1 (914) 482-7674 or email us at info@belistasteofhome.com to lock in your Live Kathiyawadi Catering experience today!


Don’t miss out on the chance to whip up unforgettable memories with our delicious Kathiyawadi cuisine. Remember, we’ll need a two-week heads-up to schedule your catering session, so make sure to get in touch ASAP!

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